Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs | Bewitching balance

This cuvée brings together three appellations in which the varietal notes vie to interpret their respective terroir, blending their personality into an elegant whole. Its name is inspired by the three “saint” villages on the Côte de Beaune and the Mâconnais where the grapes are grown: Saint-Aubin, Saint-Romain, and Saint-Véran. It is a Crémant de Bourgogne with aromatic complexity for refined drinking, just like the great noble Chardonnays.

Intense golden yellow colour. Crystal-clear, very small bubbles, creating a generous collar. Long-lasting bubbles. Abundant legs. Nice aromatic intensity, surprisingly youthful feel. Chalky minerality followed by the white flower and almond aromas which are typical of Chardonnays. Aerate the wine a little to release tasty brioche and honey notes. Good, fresh attack. Lively mouthfeel and tannins resulting from oak barrel ageing make this a powerful wine. A vinous crémant with a finish marked by vanilla and woody notes.

Delectable pairings: Pan-fried foie gras and gingerbread, scallop ravioli and even an avocado and salmon medley…

The 2012 harvest provided grapes of extremely good quality, worthy of a vintage of real note. In this particular year, the grape variety came out ahead of the terroir in terms of the wine’s expression! The Chardonnay in particular, looks very promising, delivering perfect acidity, flavour and fruit – lively and very fresh – ideal for an outstanding Crémant de Bourgogne requiring less dosage. Increasingly strict criteria in terms of selecting ‘cuvées’ and ‘tailles’ helped preserve a maximum of fruit character, underlined by a new method of settling, a great remedy to counter too much bitterness. The result is a wine which retains and even adds to its core fruit character. The extremely long ageing period (9 years, partly in oak barrels) has enabled this great vintage to reach the level of aromatic complexity which so characterizes it.

AOC Crémant de Bourgogne | Produce of France
Limited edition of 3,816bottles
Varietal: 100% Chardonnay (Blanc de Blancs)
Alcohol: 12% by vol. Dosage: 5g/l. (Extra-Brut)
Ageing: 10 years
Best drunk well-chilled, between 6-8°C

Bewitching harmony

The 2012 harvest offered grapes worthy of a great vintage. The most promising was the Chardonnay: perfect acidity, aromas and fruit, lively, very fresh, allowing less dosage.
Even more rigorous initial pressing kept the character of the fruit as intact as possible, with the bitterness gone thanks to a more precise natural clarification.
Its very long ageing period of nine years, partly in oak barrels, enabled it to achieve rare aromatic complexity.

Intense golden yellow colour, crystal clear, very fine bubbles.
Beautiful aromatic intensity, surprising youthfulness.
Mineral notes of chalk then white flowers and almond, brioche and honey.
On the palate, the liveliness and tannins give power, accompanied by vanilla and oaky notes.

3,816 bottles produced

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