Perle d'Or Rose 2017

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The prowess of a mature rosé!

This wine has the warmth and voluptuousness of pink gold, a mixture of gold, copper and silver, accompanied by a muscular body.

Inspired by the shimmering Perle d'Aurore, Louis Bouillot's most popular non-vintage rosé, Perle d'Or Rose offers an extra degree of complexity. Made only in the best years, it was designed along the same exceptional lines as Perle d'Or, in a rosé version, bringing into play the ingredients of an almost miraculous recipe: ageing, barrels, origins.

This singular Crrémant de Bourgogne rosé is the result of the astonishing metamorphosis of a fruity rosé into an aged rosé: the paradox of a mature wine that has managed to remain fresh!

This golden rosé, aged without developing a patina, combines fruitiness and length. A short maceration enhances its deep colour. The Pinot Noir plays the tenor here, supported by the chorus, Chardonnay and Gamay. Oak barrels have given a touch of gold to a divine portion for six months and an ageing period of more than three years on racks has revealed its character while preserving the beautiful liveliness of the bubbles.

This unusual combination earned it the status of Eminent, a rare and subtly voluptuous wine.

A rosé with great presence
Generous bubbles, persistent bead.
Notes of strawberry, cherry, brioche.
Yellow peach and almond on the palate.

Matching combinations: shellfish, smoked lake and river fish. And blue-veined cheeses with a strong character such as Roquefort, Bleu de Bresse, Gorgonzola, or Stilton. 

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A balance of sparkle and intensity!

2017 put us all off guard, sending us into a cold sweat, as we experienced springtime frosts, summer hailstorms followed by droughts, before the rain finally arrived to save the day! The harvest was generous, producing wonderfully healthy grapes which flowed smoothly through the winemaking process.

After maturing for five years, the cuvée is now ready, perfectly balanced, and with a highly appealing and expressive character!

The orangey-pink mousse hints at its peach flavour punctuated with cherries. Its unique aroma then reveals underlying notes of brioche and vanilla which emphasise the bouquet’s depth. With a sparkling sensation that is both delicate and powerful, this lively wine fills the entire palate with an array of aromas, including morello cherries and subtle hazelnut, in a lingering and smooth, almost heady finish.

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