The vineyards

Ethical partnerships

The bonds that bind us


« Beyond the guarantee of a fair income, we can really say there is a passion for Crémant! »

Christophe Barbé, Technical Director

To complement our harvest, we have created a real spirit of partnership with a number of winegrowers, in the Châtillonnais, Côte d'Or, Couchois and Beaujolais. Between winemakers, we understand one another!

Currently, one third of our grapes come from our own vines, one third from fifteen-year-old partnerships, and one third from three-year-old partnerships. We have built these special relationships with "our" partner winegrowers over many years. This loyalty goes beyond a long-term commitment, as evidenced by the renewal of short contracts, some of which are on their fifth!

In this way, about a hundred producers supply us with their grapes, representing about 320 hectares of vines.

Relationships based on trust


To complement our production, we have been supported for many years by committed winegrowers who bring us their harvests.

Partnerships allow us to establish long-term, loyal relationships and establish links with vineyards for the supply of high-quality grapes, and to favour diversity for even more rigorous blends.

We determine our purchase price per kilo of grapes by averaging prices over several years. This price smoothing ensures a stable, reliable and economically viable income for our partner winegrowers, whatever the market price.

Beyond the contract, it is trust that binds us with as much strength as reciprocity.

Good relations between our team and our partners are fundamental. Technical support and advice include an audit of the vineyard, a quality control and traceability sheet, and of course a contract!

Quality charter


The relationship with our partner winegrowers is long term and enshrined in a Quality Charter. Frédéric Brand, our oenologist, is in constant dialogue, meeting them twice a year at their properties for monitoring on an individual basis.  This exchange of views, undertaken with mutual respect, ensures the success of the harvest and our future Crémants de Bourgogne!

Quality rewarded


Quality premiums are paid to partners at the time of harvest when the grapes meet our requirements. The quality of the grapes is essential for the production of our Crémants de Bourgogne.

Our terroirs