Perle d'Or 2018

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An 18-carat alloy 

"Between the high potential wines, the barrel ageing, and the final signature, several blending trials are often required to find the shimmering golden elixir that is Perle d'Or.” - Frédéric Brand, oenologist

The iconic Perle d’Or is only made when there is an excellent vintage. Produced in small quantities, time is nevertheless required to reflect on the composition of this exquisite wine.

The grapes’ character is forged by the nobility of the Côte d'Or, Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune terroirs, and the sunnier ones in the Couchois.

The juice comes mainly from two noble grapes, the serious Pinot Noir and the supple Chardonnay, some of which is aged in barrels, usually for nine months. Like a gestation period, that prepares it for its emergence into the world and develops its aromatic palette.

Only the incomparable freshness of the first pressing is of sufficient quality.

Its long maturation in racks, for more than three years, enables it to join the ranks of the Grands Eminents classification. Its full-bodied character is highlighted by a low dosage.

"Perle d'Or seemed like an obvious choice”

A Crémant de Bourgogne like this is suitable for a celebration, or a special occasion, and deserves a beautiful, carefully concocted dish.

Burgundy pairings: frogs’ legs with cream, eggs poached in Perle d'Or, pike-perch fillets, chicken with Epoisses sauce, sweet fantaisie fritters, tart red fruit, vanilla cream.
Or from Alsace... Of Alsace origin, our oenologist suggests the generous Baeckeofe.


Crisp, powerful fruit!

2018 is an abundant vintage, a historic and remarkable year in the history of Louis Bouillot – in a word, exceptional! Abundant, top quality and healthy, the harvest will certainly leave lasting memories.

The equal balance between the powerful pinot noir and the round chardonnay provides the structure for a wine of noble lineage. Since the previous year, the "sous bois" portion of the wine is no longer matured in barrels but vinified in barrels! In other words, the freshly pressed juice is tapped, poured into oak barrels where it ferments twice. This traditional technique requires precision and an ear to the wood, a bit like skin to skin! This tiny, intimate proximity to the oak for 8 months changes everything for the better!

Our 2018, with its imperceptible patina, brings the freshness and crispness of fine fruit, a beautiful yellow hue and lively apple aromas; in short, all the expression of which it is worthy!

A fruity sip with discreet notes of a natural evolution of brioche and butter, with an invisible dosage for a smooth, free-flowing finish.

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