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When you are comfortably seated the tasting can begin.


Our Crémants de Bourgogne are served in premium quality Louis Bouillot flutes to enhance the bubbles and aromas or in Baccarat crystal glasses specially designed for sparkling wines for the Passion Collection tasting.

4 tastings with commentaries under the glass roof in natural light

Connoisseurs’ delight


We offer you a choice of four tastings that we have designed as flavour and sensory journeys to discover our collection of Grands Crémants de Bourgogne.

➜ Reservation recommended

4 seated tastings with commentary:

  • The art of blending : 5 wines
  • Time & Terroirs : 5 wines
  • The Grande Dégustation : 10 wines
  • Passion Collection : 5 exceptional wines served in Baccarat crystal glasses.

The art of blending

5 wines 5 wines €12

Highlighting the influence of the four emblematic grape varieties of the Burgundy vineyards: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligoté, and Gamay, differentiated by their origin (Châtillonnais, Côte d'Or, Couchois, Beaujolais). Wines with very distinct characteristics.

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Time & Terroirs

5 wines: €17

How time gives character to wine, or the influence of ageing in racks.

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The Grande Dégustation

10 wines - €25

Tasting accompanied by cheese puffs.

2 to 8 people by reservation.

Highlighting, through comparison, the diverse expressions of Crémants de Bourgogne: grape varieties (white or black), ageing (short or long), and rosé (young or mature).
Unique vintage wines from village appellations (Gevrey-Chambertin, Savigny-lès-Beaune, Chablis).

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Passion Collection

Baccarat crystal glasses and carafe
Unique in Burgundy, the art of service to enhance wines

5 exceptional vintage wines - €45

Tasting accompanied by cheese puffs.

2 to 6 people by reservation.

Our vintage Crémants Les Grands Terroirs are decanted and served in Baccarat crystal glasses specially designed to exalt the finesse of the bubbles and enhance the aromas. The exclusive sphere-shaped decanter has been designed to concentrate the aromas and avoid excessive oxygenation. Each sip is more delicate and the wine is more expressive, with the bubbles retaining all their finesse.

This exclusive service highlights the characteristics of exceptional Crémants de Bourgogne from prestigious appellations: Les Grands Terroirs de Louis Bouillot

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Did you say decant?

Some Crémants de Bourgogne can be enhanced by decanting


It is surprising and rather unusual to decant a sparkling wine! And yet, as early as the 18th century, women used to cassaient la bulle (“burst the bubbles”) with a small ivory frother. This operation must be carried out with delicacy so as not to risk evaporating the spirit of the wine created by the slow maturing process that characterizes our Grands Terroirs. The service of fine Crémants must be carried out in the correct manner.

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