Our Crémants de Bourgogne

Our Crémants de Bourgogne are made from a fusion of grape varieties


« Their marriages enable rich, complex combinations with perfect balance. »

We use four grape varieties in our blends.

Red wine varieties:
Pinot Noir for its fruitiness, structure and vinosity
Gamay for generous flavour

White wine varieties:
Chardonnay for freshness and elegance
Aligoté for liveliness

« Blending is demanding and requires a lot of work, as the basic recipe has to be adjusted every year. Just a few percentage points can change its character! 

Each cuvée has its own particular style. The art of blending is to maintain the cuvée’s taste profile, to preserve its style each year, that's the challenge! We are lucky enough to have more than a hundred wines at our disposal, which makes the task complex, especially as the vintage effect can be very marked.»

Frédéric Brand