Les Lavots

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Power and elevation

Often considered inhospitable, the Châtillonnais is a cold region in the north of Burgundy. However, the poor soil and harsh climate provide an ideal environment for our Molesme vines. Molesme, which still vibrates with the prayers of the founding fathers of Cîteaux, is a mystical terroir, with vines judiciously oriented towards the east and the south.

Lava, Lavots...

Spectacularly stony, the most extraordinary plot here is named after the hard limestone strewn with fragments of rock called laves (lava). There is relatively little soil, yet the Chardonnay flourishes and produces lively wines, and the Pinot Noirs are exceptionally fruity!

To spare them a long journey, the grapes are pressed on site. Vinification and partial ageing in oak barrels underscore the richness on the palate, and the length of the ageing process adds complexity to the blend, which undergoes a very light dosage.

A Crémant de Bourgogne that reflects its terroir: after a somewhat austere attack, the palate opens up with a pleasant acidity, offering citrus notes and a hint of Morello cherry, in a harmonious fusion of the majority Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The impeccable 2017 vintage offers extra grandeur.

Spiritually inspired, the Cîteaux abbey cheese is a natural companion, but a fresh goat's cheese, a nod to the monks' dress, will also go very nicely!

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