Chenôvre 2019

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An extraordinary environment that exalts the Chardonnay 

The Chenôvre vineyard overlooks Savigny-Lès-Beaune from a height of 410 metres, facing Mont-Blanc. This secret enclave, surrounded by woods and bordered by a field, acts as a nature reserve, providing a haven of peace rich in flora and fauna, including birds, wild boar, deer, and hare. Management by an ESAT (an organization that helps people with disabilities to find employment) brings a social dimension, promoting the goal of harmony between living beings.

The 16-hectare vineyard, planted mainly with Chardonnay, flourishes on rich, predominantly clay soil with grassing to maintain vital balance and reduce soil compaction.

The selection is made here from rows of vines above the plateau on predominantly lacustrine limestone with good water retention.

Floral and powerful!

The vineyard is planted with high vines with very wide rows that give a moderate yield, ensuring concentration. The vines are in their prime, producing powerful, full-bodied, floral Chardonnays every year, with superb balance on the palate. This Crrémant de Bourgogne, made with grapes from the heart of the plot, has a lively structure, with good concentration, offering aromas of wildflowers in a free expression of the terroir!

Like an ancient memory of the marine fossils that form the foundation of the Côte, we find that this ethereal wine goes particularly well with seafood: shellfish and crustaceans such as scallops, lobster and oysters, depending on the season.



The finesse of a blanc de blanc that defies time!

An exhilarating vial embodying the terroir, containing three magical forces: birth, development and maturation.

Created under the best auspices, a solar vintage granting superb maturity and promising crisp grapes, a third of this Chardonnay has been nurtured in patinated oak barrels, an important part of the process! 

The wine is produced with the most exceptional influences, as only the first press cuvée is used, delicately preserving the grapes - the ultimate sign of its rank...

Slowly matured, the long, four-year ageing period creates powerful presence acquired over the months on lees, a step reserved for wines with the greatest potential.

After all these years, opening such a bottle is a moment of pure emotion. Even before you taste it, this 2019 shows its colours! A golden yellow enhanced with fine legs and generous effervescence, from which rises rich aromas: delicate floral notes, accompanied by gourmet hints of almond and hazelnut.

On the palate, the texture is lightly toasted with fine power against a tart background, while remaining balanced. Subtle vanilla notes blend with aromas of fresh bread and honey against a long, vinous finish, the sign of absolute refinement.

Number of bottles produced: 8,297

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