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Dessus les Vermots 2012

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Above Beaune...

Dessus-les-Vermots is the name of the climat, a plot located on the rocky limestone vein of Savigny-lès-Beaune, at the gates of Beaune. The terroir is classified as a village appellation. This cuvée comes entirely from this vineyard, enhanced by a demanding production process, worthy of the terroir and the grandeur of the Pinot Noir which flourishes here with great suppleness.

Polishing the juice
Care must be taken not to harvest this south-facing plot too early to preserve its vital freshness. It benefits from a meticulous, customized vinification, ageing of one fifth of the wine in oak barrels for six months, and finally, a discreet dosage to highlight the wine’s natural harmony which has developed a patina over five years!

A white wine made from Pinot Noir

A great Crémant of character with a complex aromatic palette, made exclusively from sumptuous Pinot Noir grapes.

A very harmonious Crémant de Bourgogne. Bright, deep colour with glints of gold, tinged with shades of yellow-grey, a memory of the red grape skins. Complex nose, airy aromas, honey, red berries, redcurrant, cherry, mixed with lightly toasted, buttery notes. On the palate, the Pinot Noir is present but delicate. Smooth attack, superb balance between velvet and freshness. The finish is both round and long, a must!

Authentic pairings: traditional cuisine, combinations with sweet and savoury flavours. Filet mignon and roast poultry in terms of meat, then creamy cheeses.



Elegance and complexity

After a summer with optimal conditions, the 2012 harvest was magnificent but so small! 2012 is thus a rare, precious vintage!

More than a fifth of the cuvée was aged in oak barrels for six months. Finally, the discreet dosage favours the wine’s natural harmony, which gained a patina over five years! A great vintage wine with a subtle voluptuousness.

A great vintage wine with a subtle voluptuousness. Nose with toasted and buttery notes, cherries in brandy, and then honey. On the palate, the Pinot Noir expresses kirsch and Morello cherry with retronasal olfaction. The finish is fruity and long, with a hint of bitterness leading to a seductive vinosity.

3,757 bottles produced.

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