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News: Les Grands Terroirs!

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News: Les Grands Terroirs! 

Maison Louis Bouillot farms 170 hectares in Burgundy dedicated to Crémant de Bourgogne, stretching from the Auxerrois in the north to the Couchois in the south. Over the past 10 years, the Maison has undertaken terroir studies combined with plot-based winemaking and comparative tastings. Three special plots were chosen for the creation of the superior Crémants de Bourgogne: Les Lavots, En Bollery and Chenôvre.

These Grands Terroirs were worthy of exceptional packaging. The elegantly curved bottle is antique-coloured for optimal protection against light, and has understated but refined labelling.

Perfect for tasting on their own to appreciate their elegance and length in the mouth, as an aperitif, or with a meal where they can be served with refined dishes or even with simpler ones to give free rein to their nature.

Come to La Verrière on Wednesday 1 March to discover them!