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Perle de Vigne


"For our most universal cuvée, all the fruitiness is preserved with a short ageing period before early bottling, capturing this exceptional freshness" - Frédéric Brand, oenologist

The emblematic cuvée

Without a doubt our Crémant de Bourgogne with the broadest appeal, ideal for all occasions. A single fermentation and a single year of ageing heighten its natural spontaneity.

“Perle de Vigne” because it expresses all the richness of the Burgundy terroir and the diversity of its vineyards through the art of blending. Burgundy’s four grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Aligoté and Gamay), with only a small proportion of reserve wine, give it its timeless character.

A familiar silhouette that accompanies us everywhere with the freshness of youth.


Natural charm
With its fine, invigorating bubbles, its fruity, floral nose, and its lively, generous palate, it is the embodiment of the Louis Bouillot style!

Its clear, bright, pale yellow colour with glints of green is reminiscent of the spring. The bouquet is complex: it starts with redcurrant, blackberry, and cherry, then opens up with notes of white flowers: elderflower, lime blossom, and honeysuckle. The attack is fresh and direct, offering roundness and a citrus liveliness, culminating in an elegant finish.

A supple character that is a delightful companion for all occasions!

An impromptu aperitif
Its relaxed style is ideal for a casual drink with friends, with some simple, unfussy accompaniments: pretzels, pâté in a pastry crust, parslied ham, and cocktail sausages.

Extra dry+-

"This generous cuvée has a very mellow, round, pleasant character, which reveals itself instantly, without unnecessary embellishment.” - Frédéric Brand, oenologist

Tender youth
The extra-dry dosage adds a touch of softness.
Light, glittering yellow colour.
Very fresh nose, with aromas of almond, white flowers, and fruit in syrup.
Generous, enveloping palate.

Aperitifs of the world
This wine’s accommodating nature makes it an excellent companion for diverse cuisines, its roundness and generosity inviting sweet-and-savoury, cosmopolitan and spicy combinations.

Demi sec+-

“Produced in small quantities, a delicious slightly sweet wine, to which I dare to add a few ice cubes, and particularly enjoy outside of mealtimes. A great alternative to afternoon tea!” - Frédéric Brand, oenologist

Softness and generosity
This semi-dry version offers extra roundness.
Yellow colour with glints of gold.
Elegant nose of white flowers and honey.
Straightforward attack, generous palate.
Biscuit and caramel flavours. Smooth, supple finish.

A wine to enjoy at teatime, and with spicy food!
Its smooth sweetness means this wine is best served thoroughly chilled, in the middle of the afternoon! For gourmets, with a Tarte Tatin, for the more moderate, with a fruit salad, or even chocolate! And since sweetness helps calm the fieriness of spices, it makes a superb companion for exotic dishes such as a tandoori chicken, or a curry. 

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