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"With Pinot Noir, I feel deeper things, a reminiscence of the terroir, of the land, of the order of time...” Frédéric Brand, oenologist

The full force of Pinot Noir
The only way to taste Pinot Noir in white wine in Burgundy is... in a Crémant de Bourgogne! This blanc de noirs bears the signature of the fine grape variety that also produces red wines. But it is only revealed after a lengthy ageing process. It is like a locomotive that starts slowly and as it moves forward, gains in strength, richness and magnitude. It takes two years of ageing on the lees to reach cruising speed.

Pinot Noir in its terroir
Recognisable by its pearly colour, from the brief imprint of the grape skins, it is primarily characterized by a vinous, earthy structure, whose tight fibres have gradually opened up during vinification to offer a powerful palate with a deep persistence, gained over the ageing period.

Structure and power
It is an architectural wine built with complementary juices from the fresh terroirs of northern Burgundy to create a solid structure.
Expansive nose, with delicate aromas of small red berries and fruit in brandy.
Long, rich and balanced.

A stature that merits serious combinations
This elegant matter joins in a wonderful symbiosis with the meaty, firm flavours of red meat, Bayonne ham or Grisons air-dried beef! Its purity goes against any form of artifice, but it can nevertheless be combined with a little spice, such as tagines, poultry with apricots and sultanas, or tandoori flavours.

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