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Perle de Nuit no added sulphur


"I like its thirst-quenching character, with no saturation at all, it can be described without any shame as a simple, straightforward wine, which you can drink again and again!” Frédéric Brand, oenologist

Natural expression
Like Perle d'Ivoire, its alter ego in white, this blanc de noirs expresses the naturalness of its origins, free of any artifice to reveal its true personality!
The Couchois, a fairly high terroir, with relatively late ripening, offers powerful red wines for which vinification without sulphur reveals the full depth of their character. The minimalist dosage (4 g) preserves its elegance.
We did not try to go to extremes with this wine, our primary goal was to free ourselves from the use of sulphur. This natural preservative, used since ancient times to protect wine over time, can also harden the tannins. 

Rigorous conception
Freeing oneself from sulphur is a complex exercise because without protection the wine can quickly turn to vinegar! A special yeast starter was prepared and, as with our organic wines, worked on separately throughout the production process.

Triumph over oxidation
We have succeeded in making a Crémant de Bourgogne with ripe fruit flavours without any deviation, with notes of grapes and the harvest supported by a fine acidity.
Pale yellow colour with glints of grey, creamy foam.
Buttery, milky notes, and aromas of red fruit (raspberry and plum).
Full-bodied on the palate, with notes of fruit alcohol and plenty of power. Pleasant freshness on the finish.

Natural, vegan pairings
Hummus, vegetable tian, mushroom and squash risotto, tomatoes stuffed with buckwheat.

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