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Perle de Molesme


"Molesme is first and foremost the terroir! This cold limestone in the north of Burgundy gives the wines concentration, liveliness, and a certain minerality that makes you want to continue drinking it after the aperitif and to enjoy it with your meal...” - Frédéric Brand, oenologist

he birthplace of the founder of Cîteaux !
Robert de Molesmes established his first abbey here before founding Cîteaux and the Cistercian order. And it is here in the little village of Molesme, on the northern edge of the Châtillonnais, on the edge of the Aube, that our vineyard grows. A hostile environment, with a hard limestone terroir, and a harsh climate with markedly different seasons. The ideal setting for a noble birth.

Spiritually inspired...
A simple, robust wine, in a word: Cistercian! This Crémant de Bourgogne is closer to the essence of the notion of wine. It has a lemony, citrus character, the crest of tighter, more concentrated substance, longer than it is wide. It heightens rather than coats the palate.

Power and elevation
Bright, clear golden yellow colour with glints of green.
Nose of honey, white flowers and redcurrants.
The attack is fresh and lively.
Generous palate, with a hint of lemon.
Long, lively finish, a sign that it will age well.

Accompany with farmhouse fare!
Beyond the aperitif, we like to accompany this crémant with its vinous, vibrant character from the cold northern climate, with local dishes such as roast pork with cabbage, hotpots, or chicken with Epoisses cheese: its lively structure perfectly complements the slowly cooked meat and the richness of the sauce.

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