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Perle de Molesme rosé

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"Observation, reason and precision are the basis of my philosophy. The management of the vines is adapted to each season.” David Guichard, Vineyard Manager

The Celtic spirit
Our vineyard in Molesme consists of 18 hectares of mainly Pinot Noir with a little Chardonnay, in two villages, Pothières and Molesme.
Near Auxerre, the 40 plots of mixed vines grow on La Grande Côte, a gently-sloping hill, opposite Mont Lassois where the Vix vase was found, among Celtic remnants.

Pothières, the other side of Molesme
In the fertile soil around this village near Chatillon-sur-Seine, our vines, which are not very vigorous, are interspersed with agricultural crops. Deep veins of clay give roundness and a full-bodied fruitiness with notes of pears and vine peaches.

Low and high vines are grown with phacelia, a plant that is an excellent nectar source and serves as a green manure to decompact the soil. The vines at the bottom of the slope where the soil is sandy are scored for good root establishment. The Aligoté vines express their vigour with a beautiful leaf canopy.

Mineral freshness
A short ageing period preserves the freshness of youth.
Pale colour with glints of copper and very fine bubbles.
Aromas of red berries, redcurrants, blackberries, and white cherries.
Good acidity on the palate, with fine, lively balance.
Seductive, delicate finish, refreshing minerality; a certain loftiness...

Fresh food pairings 

The Crémant de Bourgogne acidity goes well with slightly fatty fish, such as smoked salmon, as a carpaccio or a tartare, or lumpfish eggs on blinis. These rich, slightly iodized flavours create a vibrant combination.

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