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Perle de Jade


"Here the rise of the bubbles is superb, revealing the chalky character of the wine, with lemony, vegetal notes, our only wine in which Aligoté is given full expression!”

The sparkle of precious stone
The mysterious aura of jade evokes impenetrable finesse and the elevation of consciousness. This Crémant de Bourgogne with its shimmering facets is assembled like a jewel, to create a sparkling presentation of vintages, grape varieties and origins.

Of Heaven and Earth
The Aligoté dominates over the barely tamed liveliness of the Chardonnay and subtly structured by the Pinot Noir. This is heaven.
And Earth is: the Hautes-Côte de Beaune and the Côte Chalonnaise.
In China, jade symbolizes the meeting of Heaven and Earth. This was the source of our inspiration!

An ethereal character
Bright, pale yellow colour with glints of green.

It is not the fruitiness that characterizes this wine, but its concentration. Pleasantly acidic structure with notes of gunflint, cut herbs, bay, honeysuckle, toast, and lime blossom. A wave of freshness.
The palate develops a lemony acidity, with plenty of body.
A minimalist dosage for a long, delicate, lively, complex personality.

Sweet and sour combinations
This wine can be softened with creamy textures such as dried tomatoes from Italy, olives from Kalamata, tapenade from Provence, etc.
Its tremendous purity goes well with fresh goat's cheese on toast, and the indispensable grain of salt with its touch of roundness!

"Wine lovers know that wine is a living thing, so they accept its slight variations in mood!” - Frédéric Brand, oenologist

*organic wine

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