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Perle d'Ivoire no added sulphur


"With this cuvée produced in small quantities, we have initiated a no-sulphur approach, taking the plunge into the natural expression of wine, with no artifice, safety net or references, and no fear either! We are taking the first steps in tomorrow's world!” Frédéric Brand, oenologist

Chardonnay facing Mont Blanc
Chardonnay reigns unchallenged here and is given full expression. The grapes come from a single 30-year-old vineyard, Chenôvre-Ermitage, in Savigny-lès-Beaune, overlooking the Côte.

A jewel of a terroir
This terroir benefits from a well-preserved environment, offering concentrated grapes with a distinctive character, perfect for vinification without Sulphur, thereby revealing their nature in its purest form. The cool microclimate enables longer ageing, thus ensuring freshness.

An atypical Crémant de Bourgogne
This totally unfettered wine expresses the fullness of this terroir. Its very low dosage (4 g) preserves all of its character.
Yellow colour with glints of gold, generous bubbles. Nose with mineral aromas (chalk and flint), and yellow fruit (vine peaches and plums). Good acidity on the palate, with spicy notes of curry and cinnamon.

Vegan pairings!

Its earthy personality naturally accompanies the fruits of the earth, and so is ideal for vegan dishes. For example, mushrooms, toasted seeds, herbs, vegetable spreads, or aubergine caviar. But it also goes well with dishes such as parslied ham, poultry liver terrine, or cod fillets with capers.

Perle d'Ivoire (from white grapes) is the alter ego of Perle de Nuit (from black grapes), both are made without sulphites.

*vegan wine

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