Crémant de Bourgogne Vintage Éminent |
Rich and harmonious

Our Perles d’Or wines are only produced in exceptional years. 2012, a rich and complex vintage, is a perfect illustration of this. For more than six years, this wine has patiently refined its style before releasing its ebullience. This carefully-crafted blend has resulted in a great Crémant de Bourgogne, harmonious and with true personality.

An enticing yellow color with hints of gold. The bead is creamy. On the nose, the bouquet is rich. The attack has notes of fruit like pêche de vigne, giving way to aromas of honey and fruits macerated in alcohol like cherry or sloe. In the mouth, the wine has a pleasant crispness. It grows in power, developing buttery and vanilla notes of brioche, finishing with a delicious creaminess.

Some Burgundian matches: Snail gougères, œufs en meurette with Perle d’Or, blackcurrant and red berry puff with vanilla cream.

The 2012 vintage underwent some harsh weather conditions, and needed time to express itself. The wine emerged both victorious and precious. The concentration and intensity of the grapes give it powerful fruit aromas. The dominant Chardonnay provides delicacy. Exceptionally long ageing on laths has refined the bubbles and brought out the best in this cuvée that bears the prestige Éminent label. A sparkling wine in which the fruit has been exalted by time, contributing to its elegant patina.

AOC Crémant de Bourgogne | Produce of France

Varietals: Chardonnay (45%), Pinot Noir (35%), Aligoté (10%),
Gamay (10%)
Alcohol: 12% by vol. Dosage: 6 g/l.
Ageing: 8 years
Drink well chilled at 8-10°C.

"Wrinkled but handsome." Frédéric Brand, oenologist

This wine patiently asserted its style before releasing its full brilliance: eight years on racks have resulted in a beautifully sculpted crémant! After such preferential treatment, it has emerged mature, refined and exalted! Despite its age, this wine is still fresh, with the vigour and vitality of youth shining through.

This rich, complex but all too rare vintage has produced a great, harmonious wine with a deliberately seductive personality.

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